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Career Development & Outplacement

At Zenon Consulting we provide expert ILM accredited career development and outplacement support. 

Our team helps clients succeed in changing jobs, changing careers, or sometimes changing their lives!

Our flexible programme provides the opportunity to select individual sessions that meet career development needs through face-to-face meetings or remotely by telephone, email or web based support.

Our innovative e-based career transition programme offers a unique, flexible approach for individuals and for managers seeking a cost effective suite of support for groups of staff who may require support.
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Our clients have found our outplacement support very helpful in offering individuals the right support, in the right way for them, at the right time.

Managers and individuals can track progress and evaluate a clear return on investment and expectation.

Career Development Approach

We offer a wide range of career development and outplacement services.

Here are the key products and services which our clients have found most helpful.

 Career Development Wheel

Our approach can be offered in modular format or as a whole programme. 

An initial consultation will help the client to identify which modules or programme/s will help them achieve what they want to achieve.

Our modules comprise :

Career Review – 2 hours
1. How you feel about your situation – opportunity or threat and what does change mean to you?
2. Overcoming fear and uncertainty – Redundancy Counselling may be required
3. Identify what needs to change and WHY
4. Establish your career goals and options e.g. similar job, promotion or career change
5. Taking control of your career – agree a plan

Personality Profiling - 1 hour
1. Ascertain your working personality through online assessment using DISC profiling
2. 45 minute debrief of the results and coaching to help you build awareness of yourself and what you have to offer
3. Establish your next steps to move you forward
4. Additional Career Planning option to help take control of your career

Career Values, Needs and Anchors - 2 hours
1. Through an empowering exercise using cue cards, establish your career values and needs
2. Identify the ‘must haves’ in your next job or your next career
3. Analyse your career values and needs against previous jobs and use to explore new opportunities
4. Understand your career anchors and how these impact on your job or career motivation

Skills & Competencies Assessment - 2 hours
1. Explore your key skills and hidden skills
2. Assess your favourite skills
3. Analyse how you have used your skill set in your career to date and how you can use your favourite transferable skills moving forward

Successful CVs - 2 hours
1. Identify your target market
2. Establish your true marketability
3. Identify your key skills, unique selling points and relevant achievements
4. Create your CV
5. Add value to get you on the interview YES pile

Job Search Strategy / Job Applications That Count - 2 hours
1. Effective job search strategy & methodologies
2. The Internet, social networking and implications
3. Covering letters and speculative letters
4. The hidden job market & networking
5. Job applications to get you on the interview YES pile
6. Optional ‘Myworksearch’ e-module

Self Marketing - 4 hours
1. Understand yourself as a brand
2. Define your personal brand identity
3. The 7 secrets to the brand formula
4. Market yourself to your target audience
5. Develop your self marketing plan

Dynamic Speaking and Effective Communication - Full day workshop or 1:1
1. Formal presentation style and delivery
2. Overcome nervousness
3. Make an impact
4. Enrich the full range of your voice
5. Speak with power and authority
6. Express your ideas clearly and simply

Winning at interviews - 2 hours
1. Pre, during and post interview strategies
2. Best practice behaviours and techniques
3. Positive mindset strategies to cope with nerves and self doubt
4. Coping with difficult interviewers / questions
5. Why Interviews go wrong
6. Interview skills development and practice

Negotiating the Offer – one hour
1. Review your offer and the interview feedback
2. Establish your opportunities for negotiation
3. Coaching to help you secure your true worth / ideal salary and benefits package 

We can also offer the following modules on specific areas :

Winning at Assessment Centres – 4 hours
1. Strategy and tactics of the overall process
2. Psychological profiling and behaviour monitoring
3. Individual and group problem solving role play practice

Self Employment Career Options – 2 hours
1. Explore pros and cons of self employment
2. Explore portfolio career options, potential benefits and analysis
3. Review self employed options
4. Business start – up considerations

Personal Brand/ Image Review – 4 hours
1.Diagnostic and assessment of your personal image
2. Align your personal brand to your job/ career aspirations
3. Practical guidance on how to create the right loom for maximum impact
4. Review and develop your personal reputation

ILM Accreditation

All of our workshops, the E-Career Transition Course and our 1:1 coaching programmes, (subject to a minimum of 4 hours career coaching undertaken) are uniquely recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) for Development Award certification for a small registration fee. In addition this also provides six month’s free studying membership of the ILM, providing access to the ILM’s vast range of resources and events.


Current Assignments

Julia Tybura is providing OD support to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Academy. She is working with senior system leaders as the representative of the Local Leadership Academy, providing expert analysis, advice, support and OD interventions.

Rupert Wainwright has just completed his role as interim Deputy Director of Acute Services at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

Julia Tybura - along with Zenon associates - is providing continuing HR and OD support to City and Hackney CCG in London.

Julia is now an accredited Belbin Team Roles practitioner.  As well as giving a greater insight into the benefits of 360°feedback, team dynamics and job analysis, this gives Julia full backup from the Belbin office. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about Zenon's team building workshops.

Julia facilitated an HR career speed dating event for over 50 people. The event was for the HPMA London Academy and feedback was very positive: "The structured format was one of the most constructive I have encountered.". If you’re looking for an experienced facilitator for team building or a time-out session. then give Julia a call.

Contact us if you need interim, outplacement, programme management or clinical strategy support by emailing Julia at juliatybura@zenonconsulting.com or call her on 0203 059 4599


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