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Working Lives

Preparing for a presentation I was giving to a group of MA students at a London university about HR careers and opportunities taken, made and missed, I reflected on the fact that I am entering my 25th year of working for a living.  How much things have changed.....   In 1984, there were no mobile phones and who had even thought of the internet as we now know it, plasma screens or ipods?

I started my NHS career as a medical secretary 25 years ago and learnt to type on an old manual typewriter.  I had very strong finger muscles indeed.  I still remember vividly working in my first hospital in Hammersmith – the myriad of smells (I did a stint in theatres) and sights, then climbing the ladder to become PA to the Medical Director and experiencing the joy and sadness of working in one of the first fetal medicine units in London.

Talking about opportunities taken, I really wanted to move into management and I was given some crucial advice by a UGM in 1987 that set me on my way to getting my first director post in the NHS in 1999.... create opportunities, network and remember that even though you work your way up, you may find yourself on your way down.... if that happens, make damn sure that you are positive and helpful to everyone you work with.  You – and others – will benefit .

The UGM also told me that I should move to a different hospital if I wanted to develop further.  Politics meant that it was time to move on and with a great reference from the UGM, I got my first management post in 1988.  I realised then that opportunities don’t just happen, you really do need to make them. 

As a young, inexperienced manager I saw processes, systems and people with new eyes.  Yes, I made mistakes – don’t we all?  However, I also learnt how to position and develop myself and others, how to analyse and present information and ideas and to improve ‘the back office’ so that it would have a direct impact on the ‘front line’.   Staff midwifery vacancy rates were at 33% - and here we are now again 25 years later – I keep getting a distinct feeling of déjà vu....

How can we balance the energy that comes from ‘young, new eyes’ with the all important hindsight and experience of those with, dare I say it, 25 years’ experience?  I was lucky that I had a fantastic Director of Nursing and Senior Midwifery Managers who developed and mentored me and my team.  Now, I am delighted to mentor, lead and develop people and their teams and some of my old bosses have long since retired.

Missed opportunities over the last 25 years – I’ve had a few..... haven’t we all?  Some you’re not even conscious of, others you kick yourself when you realise what you’ve missed out on.   We should always pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down, take stock and start again – maybe from a different viewpoint or action, but always having taken some learning from our experiences.  This learning, reflection and following it through is, in my view, the most important thing in anyone’s working life.

Julia Tybura
Zenon Consulting
13 January 2009 


Current Assignments

Julia Tybura is providing OD support to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Academy. She is working with senior system leaders as the representative of the Local Leadership Academy, providing expert analysis, advice, support and OD interventions.

Rupert Wainwright has just completed his role as interim Deputy Director of Acute Services at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

Julia Tybura - along with Zenon associates - is providing continuing HR and OD support to City and Hackney CCG in London.

Julia is now an accredited Belbin Team Roles practitioner.  As well as giving a greater insight into the benefits of 360°feedback, team dynamics and job analysis, this gives Julia full backup from the Belbin office. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about Zenon's team building workshops.

Julia facilitated an HR career speed dating event for over 50 people. The event was for the HPMA London Academy and feedback was very positive: "The structured format was one of the most constructive I have encountered.". If you’re looking for an experienced facilitator for team building or a time-out session. then give Julia a call.

Contact us if you need interim, outplacement, programme management or clinical strategy support by emailing Julia at juliatybura@zenonconsulting.com or call her on 0203 283 4164


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